Friday, June 15, 2007

NBA Champions Again!

Yes, I know. Some of you (hi, TBL!) are sitting there muttering "Basketball? She's blogging about basketball?!?!?" Which is perfectly understandable. After all, my usual question about the very existence of the sport is: "Why?"

But, yes, even this total non-fan is happy today, after staying up late to watch an entire basketball game, to know that the San Antonio Spurs have brought home their fourth NBA championship in 9 years.

Why? Two reasons:
1) the team; and
2) the fans.

The Spurs --
When was the last time (and Rodman doesn't count) that you saw any weird news stories about these guys? Tim never gets photographed stumbling drunkenly out of a strip club. Manu doesn't toss things at the fans in the stands. Horry & Bowen don't throw punches at each other. Heck, they don't even seriously trashtalk the other teams. In fact, Tim was overheard telling LeBron James after the game last night, "This league will be yours soon."
(side note to Cavs management: LeBron is good. Damn good. But he can't do it all. Get him a team, would you?)

The fans --
number of fans to hit the streets of downtown celebrating last night: thousands
number of cars overturned and set on fire: zero
number of store windows smashed: zero
number of arrests for looting: zero

So, yes, I'm celebrating too. I'll be stopping by Academy on my way home from work to get my championship T-shirt. And then . . .

and then Tim & company need to get out of the way. We've got an All-Star game sneaking up on us.


RED said...

Your blog is funny! Wheredya go?

Fourth pew, center said...

Thanks! and actually, I've been wondering that, myself :-). But I think I'm back.