Thursday, August 04, 2005


Fourteen Marines killed in Iraq today.

That was all it said, the link on yesterday. You know, in the little section at the bottom of other stories. It wasn't even at the top of its section; it was second, after a link to a story about the shuttle spacewalk.

Fourteen Marines killed in Iraq today.

Fourteen Marine reserves. All from the same Ohio unit. A unit that had already lost five just on Monday. Fourteen Marines, killed "when a huge bomb destroyed their lightly armored vehicle, hurling it into the air in a giant fireball." (Associated Press)
And note, please, the phrase "lightly armored."

Fourteen Marines killed in Iraq today.

So, what did you do last night after work? I fed the animals. Watered the plants. Looked at microfiche viewers on Ebay. Rejoiced that my favorite Twins player saved the day.

No funeral to plan.

No friends and relatives to call with the bad news.

No child to hold, and try to explain why Daddy won't be coming home.

Fourteen Marines killed in Iraq today.

I wonder what the Liar-in-Chief did last night.


frightwig said...

What's the view down in Texas of Cindy Sheehan's camp outside Crawford?

Third Base Line said...

The Liar-In-Chief probably had a nice chat on the phone with his unemployed daughters who have yet to enlist in the military to support Daddy's war.

Fourth pew, center said...

The view down here is split, like everywhere else. The locals are getting tired of the traffic, and the news crews, and all of that. But most of the Emperor's neighbors either support him or shut-the-hell up.
And, hey, high school football's about to start, anyway. For the next couple of months, nothing else will matter in Texas.