Sunday, February 27, 2005

Stupid 'Educator' Tricks, Feb. '05 Edition

Thomas Paine (you should already know this) was one of the most important figures in early United States history. His writings, especially "Common Sense," used to be required reading for anyone who pretended to any degree of literacy. (Remember literacy? But I digress.)

In France in 1794, he published a pamphlet called "The Age of Reason," in which he attacked Christianity as superstition. (On the other hand, three years later, he criticized French schools for teaching science without emphasizing the role of a Creator. But I digress again.)

Professor Emeritus Forrest McDonald, of the U of Alabama, does not assign this piece to his students. Why? Because, he says, many of them are deeply religious and might be offended.

Might be offended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

This is what parents & young adults are spending their hard-earned college tuition money for?
To protect students from anything that disagrees with their own views, so they don't have to think? This is what "education" has come to -- don't teach them to think, wrap them in cotton so they don't have to? Geesh, might hurt themselves.

I'm offended. Somebody come protect me.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

New Rule

Anyone who, with a straight face, uses the phrase "in the now," or talks about having an object "have a conversation with the space," is automatically booted from my universe.